As a high-tech enterprise with a history of more than 30 years, Beijing CREAT has always taken the CSR as our due responsibility.

On one hand, CREAT provides the society with advanced technology, products and services, promotes the technological progress of the power system, creates more wealth with higher technical content, contributes more taxes, provides more employment opportunities, and cultivates highly-qualified talents for the society. Meanwhile, we also support social welfare undertakings in a timely and competent way, aiming to prosper and strengthen the country.

On the other hand, CREAT actively responds to the call of national energy revolution, closely focusing on the goal of “Carbon Neutrality, Peaking Carbon Emissions”. Based on the energy industry, we provide the society with green and clean energy (photovoltaic + energy storage, charging piles, hydrogen energy), technical support and high-end equipment. We also provide the users with integrated energy management and services such as electricity sales, internet and power O&M (operation and maintenance), energy saving, power quality management, demand side response and management, etc.

In this way, the users could use green, safe, high-quality, and low-cost electricity, and the energy utilization can be complementary in the horizontal direction, and power supply could be an integrated system from the source, network, load, and storage in the vertical direction. The proportion of using clean energy could be improved, and the resource allocation could be optimized, so that we could achieve the greatest social benefits, greatest customer satisfaction and corporate profits.

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