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Pole mounted automatic circuit recloser

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Type CHZ13-15.5/D630-20 permanent magnetic vacuum automatic circuit recloser consists of three single-phase reclosers and three-phase mechanical connected in a single tank. Each recloser consists of an interrupting module, with an embedded current transformer, built-in voltage sensors, and mechanism mounted in an stainless steel tank. The interrupter modules utilize outdoor cycloaliphatic-epoxy-encapsulated vacuum interrupters. The recloser is three-phase trip and three-phase lockout and it also can be manual open and lockout.
The CHZ13-15.5/D630-20 recloser is suitable for pole and substation mounting, equipped with recloser control to cut the fault and auto-reclosing, matched up with sectionalizer to eliminate the momentary fault, isolate permanent fault, to avoid the expansion of the failure, in order to achieve automatic identification of line failure , isolation, non-fault zone power supply recovery, and to improve continuity of power supply.
Type CHZ13-15.5/D630-20 Automatic Circuit Recloser is designed and tested in accordance with IEC62271-111/IEEE C37.60, with KEMA certification obtained in 2011.
▲ The interrupter chamber of the vacuum circuit breaker is well designed with superb performance; it has passed the 20kA short circuit breaking current and associated items.
▲Computerized electric field design optimizes the structure dimension and electric field distribution of all elements.
Use of advanced manufacturing technique enhances the insulation level of the product.
▲Capacitive sensors are built inside the pole for voltage measurement, three are at source side and the other three are at load side, which can monitor the state both of source and load side from the control.
▲It is designed with the characteristics of anti-aging,anti-ultraviolet radiation, and ozone resistance. With
10000 times of mechanical endurance, a long service life is thus ensured.
▲The recloser is assembled by standard modules with flexible and interchangeable arrangement, less parts and components will make site maintenance work very easy.
▲The recloser and controller are assembled and tested in the factory before being packaged into suitable wooden box for shipment, which makes site installation easy and shortens the installation time. Simple and humanization interface makes the operation easy to be understood.
▲Various style of controls are available upon application different requirements, such as RDCU-1R, SEL-651R and etc.

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