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Indoor Switchgear

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KYN口-12/40.5 metal-clad AC indoor switchgear which equipped the withdraw circuit breaker can be used in three phases 50Hz power system, bus bar system and 2500A single bus or single bus section feeder system, the rated voltage can be up to 40.5Kv, it can accept and distribute the power and control, protect, monitor the system electric circuit.

Ambient Conditions:
Ambient temperature: Max temperature: 40 ℃。 Min temperature:-25 ℃
Relative Humidity: Daily average relative humidity should be lower than 95%, Monthly average relative humidity should be lower than 90%;
Altitude: not more than 2000m
Seismic intensity: not more than class 8

Products features:
Completely metal-clad structure;
The outside enclosure is made by import SGLC steel plate which produced by CNC machine tool and repeatedly banding technology, connected by high strength bolt and Blind Rivet Nut. There are advantages of high accuracy, anti-corrosion, anti-oxide, light weight, high strength and strong universal property etc.
Different VCB from different manufacturers can be used in the switchgear
Standard trolley size is to ensure the good exchanging feature.
Highly reliability interlock provisions, which can meet the “five preventions” requirements
The outside enclosure protection level is IP4X, and the door of circuit breaker house protection level is IP2X.
The switchgear can be used as overhead incoming and outgoing feeder, underground incoming and outgoing feeders and bus coupler etc.
There are trolley house, bus bar house, cable house and relay & metering house in switchgear. The door painted by electrostatic spray technology, which with the advantages of impact resistance, anti-corrosion and beauty surface.
The independence pressure relief device is equipped on the top of trolley house, bus bar house, cable house to ensure the safety of operator.

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