CREAT won the 2021 Golden Bridge Award "Annual Outstanding Innovative Technology Company"

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Recently, the "2021 Thinking Finance Investors Annual Conference and the 13th Golden Bridge Awards Ceremony" hosted by Thinking Finance and Investor Network was grandly held in Shanghai. CREAT won the "2021 Outstanding Innovation Capability Technology Company" award at the annual meeting.

The "Golden Bridge Award" ceremony has been held for thirteen consecutive times so far. It aims to use scientific and rigorous research methods and a fair and impartial selection attitude to focus on commending companies with the most investment value, innovation capabilities and development potential. The award of "2021 Outstanding Innovation Capability Technology Company" this time represents the industry's affirmation of CREAT's active innovation, exploration and transformation.

As a leading company in power distribution automation technology, CREAT is one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in the promotion of power distribution automation technology and equipment development and production. We have been focusing on the technology research and development, and have a complete product structure. The company's low and medium-voltage switch products, combined substations, and medium-voltage power transformers have maintained a stable overall bidding rate in the SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China) and China Southern Power Grid, and are in the forefront of the industry. At the same time, CREAT is also one of the few companies in the industry that has strong competitiveness in both primary equipment and secondary equipment related products of the distribution network.
With the gradual energy and power system reformation and the energy structure adjustment, the power industry will have a leap-forward development. CREAT focuses on the related policies and market development of the integration of photovoltaic, energy storage and charging. While steadily working on power distribution equipment products, we’ll deploy IGBT, photovoltaic, energy storage and charging technology, and cooperate with leading companies in the industry to explore the development of new energy business and integrated energy service business.
At present, CREAT has formulated a development strategy of two-wheel drive, mutual support and coordinated development of the manufacturing and service industries. And will strive to provide all-industry partners with integrated solutions from new energy generation, energy storage, charging, hydrogen energy utilization, and integrated energy management.

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